Chicken Shit 
Cachu Iar


Peter Brooks is a multimedia investigative researcher interested in unravelling capitalist supply chains. He focuses on how the logistics of agribusiness affect ecological systems, changing the material form of food we eat and the landscapes we farm.

His project Chicken Shit/Cachu Iar traces nutrient flows along poultry supply chains and into the River Wye. Peter currently works as a Public Space Researcher with Adfree Cities, investigating how outdoor advertising exacerbates spatial inequalities.

Chicken Shit/Cachu Iar was researched and produced on the MA in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. A program that – rather than as a field of design– approaches architecture as a lens to interrogate the forces that shape social and environmental space.

Exhibitions + Talks

Centre for Research Architecture 2022 (pictured)
Oxford Real Farming Conference 2023
European Permaculture Community Forum 2023
Hay Festival 2023